Prize Draw
Our Fundraising Apple Tree

We need to raise about £2,000 to set up Tideswell Community Orchard

- that's a total of 2000 "apples" on our Fundraising Apple Tree !

The draw will be on Apple Day, 20th October 2018

There are free prizes of apple juice if you buy £5 or more apples

(guaranteed if you buy in advance or until supplies run out on the day.) 

You can buy your "apples" below or on the day. Although these are 'virtual' apples and not real ones, they all go to help the orchard and are much more interesting than raffle tickets: 

  • individual "apples" (£1 each)

  • a Bag of apples (£5) - & claim a free glass of apple juice on Apple Day

  • a Sack of apples (£20) - & claim a free bottle of apple juice on Apple Day

  • a Barrel of apples (£50) - & receive a free bottle of Vintage or Specialty cider (or non-alcoholic equivalent) on Apple Day.

The number of "Apples" so far on the Tidza Orchard



Although we can't give you real apples (yet) every apple you buy gives you an entry into our Prize Draw to be drawn on our Grand Opening Day (Sat 10 Nov 2018) - and don't forget to claim your free Apple juice on the day.

Please enter your name and how how many apples you want in the box below.

We will email you details of how to pay

Good luck and Thank you.

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